Love Island; Is Watching It Ethically Wrong?

Is Watching Love Island Ethically Wrong? DISCLAIMER: THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS TRIGGERING CONTENT SURROUNDING MENTAL HEALTH AND DOMESTIC ABUSE. IF YOU HAVE BEEN AFFECTED BY ANY OF THESE ISSUES, PLEASE STAY STRONG AND RECEIVE HELP FROM THE FOLLOWING HELP LINES Domestic Abuse0808 2000 247- Refuge Suicide116 123 – Samaritans Rape and Sexual Assault0808 802 9999– RapeContinue reading “Love Island; Is Watching It Ethically Wrong?”

4 Reasons Why Sex Isn’t Wrong; A response to Halwani’s Article

Hello! This article is in response to Raja Halwani’s article on “Why sexual desire is objectifying – and hence morally wrong” and how we can challenge that we are objectified through sex. ~o~ Introduction Halwani wrote an article on the 9th December 2016, attempting to argue that, using Kantian Deontology, that sex is objectifying andContinue reading “4 Reasons Why Sex Isn’t Wrong; A response to Halwani’s Article”