How does VR provide justification to the "Brain in the Vat" hypothesis?

Scepticism about the external world is an idea which is begrudgingly acknowledged within philosophy; it seems to absurd to suggest that there is no external world, yet it cannot be refuted. This gives rise to the “Brain in the Vat” hypothesis, which suggests that there may be no external world. Instead, the sensations presented toContinue reading “How does VR provide justification to the "Brain in the Vat" hypothesis?”

The Philosopher’s Boxing Ring: Russell vs Copleston

IntroductionThere is nothing more exciting than an argument between two philosophers on a subject they are passionate about. What is even more exciting is seeing who wins. This article will look at Russell and Father Copelston’s debate over the cosmological argument and who actually wins.Background To The DebateThe debate in question occurred on the BBCContinue reading “The Philosopher’s Boxing Ring: Russell vs Copleston”

Perceptual Variation Argument Against Direct Realism: Philosophy Basics 3

Hello! Welcome to this weeks Philosophy Basics, where we will explore how perceptual variation can be used to criticise Direct Realism. If you have not read my article on Direct Realism, it is probably best to do so. ~o~ The Overall Criticism 1. Direct Realism claims that we perceive objects directly as we perceive qualitiesContinue reading “Perceptual Variation Argument Against Direct Realism: Philosophy Basics 3”