Do Mental Health Conditions Exist? A Response

This post responds to a literature which contains content that breaks the blog’s ethics. Because of this, there are no links or any advertisements for the book. While the post engages with the literature, it should be noted that the blog does not support, encourage or condone the opinions that are set out in the book. Continue reading “Do Mental Health Conditions Exist? A Response”

The Ethics of Mental Health on Youtube

Clickbait on the YouTube platform has been heavily contested within the community. However, for some, this has reached the realm of unacceptability as it has been applied to content discussing mental health. This sentiment was recently raised in a JackMaate video, Laurence McKenna on the Problem of Mental Health. Within the video, there are falseContinue reading “The Ethics of Mental Health on Youtube”

What it Means to be a Civilised Society: A Response

Umair Haque wrote an article called “What it Means to be a Civilised Society”. In it he argues that dignity and human rights can cure violence, creating a civilised society. While he is partially correct, this essay will examine problems with this account. It will then look at the Paradox of Intolerance and generate aContinue reading “What it Means to be a Civilised Society: A Response”

The Limits of Diplomacy; A Response.

This article is an examination into The School of Life’s How to Be Diplomatic. IntroductionOne of my favourite YouTube channels is The School of Life due to its look at human virtue in practical situations. Aristotelian virtue ethics is one of my favourite areas in philosophy and the channel and website embraces this ideology. However, thisContinue reading “The Limits of Diplomacy; A Response.”

The Ghost and the Princess: Exploration of Gottlieb’s Article

This essay will be delving deeper into Anthony Gottlieb’s article The Ghost and the Princess which explores Descarte’s substance dualism and the issues raised by Elisabeth of Bohemia. Introduction Recently, Gottlieb published an article in Lapham’s Quarterly looking into the relationship between Descartes and Princess Elizabeth of Bohemia. It’s a great article looking into the various argumentsContinue reading “The Ghost and the Princess: Exploration of Gottlieb’s Article”