Are You Dreaming?

We are constantly perceiving things. Right now, you are receiving the sensation of specific rays of light hitting your eyes which your brain is interpreting as this article. From this sensory information, you have deduced that the electronic device you are reading this article from is within a material realm separate to yourself, occupying spaceContinue reading “Are You Dreaming?”

How does VR provide justification to the "Brain in the Vat" hypothesis?

Scepticism about the external world is an idea which is begrudgingly acknowledged within philosophy; it seems to absurd to suggest that there is no external world, yet it cannot be refuted. This gives rise to the “Brain in the Vat” hypothesis, which suggests that there may be no external world. Instead, the sensations presented toContinue reading “How does VR provide justification to the "Brain in the Vat" hypothesis?”

Why I hate the "Gettier Problem."

IntroductionI’m sorry. You may think less of me for this confession, but I do not believe that the Gettier problem poses a problem for the Justified True Belief (JTB) definition of knowledge. This is a largely accepted theory in philosophy but I just don’t buy it. Therefore, this article will be defending JTB and howContinue reading “Why I hate the "Gettier Problem."”