What it Means to be a Civilised Society: A Response

Umair Haque wrote an article called “What it Means to be a Civilised Society”. In it he argues that dignity and human rights can cure violence, creating a civilised society. While he is partially correct, this essay will examine problems with this account. It will then look at the Paradox of Intolerance and generate aContinue reading “What it Means to be a Civilised Society: A Response”

The Limits of Diplomacy; A Response.

This article is an examination into The School of Life’s How to Be Diplomatic.¬†IntroductionOne of my favourite YouTube channels is The School of Life due to its look at human virtue in practical situations. Aristotelian virtue ethics is one of my favourite areas in philosophy and the channel and website embraces this ideology. However, thisContinue reading “The Limits of Diplomacy; A Response.”

Does Political Opposition Damage Our Country?

IntroductionA while back, I was fortunate to be part of a team that interviewed Andrea Leadsom, the conservative MP for the South-Northamptonshire area. It was a very informative interview, but the thing that really stuck with me was when she said “The opposition must oppose; it’s their job”. I fundamentally disagreed with this point soContinue reading “Does Political Opposition Damage Our Country?”