Why I hate the "Gettier Problem."

IntroductionI’m sorry. You may think less of me for this confession, but I do not believe that the Gettier problem poses a problem for the Justified True Belief (JTB) definition of knowledge. This is a largely accepted theory in philosophy but I just don’t buy it. Therefore, this article will be defending JTB and howContinue reading “Why I hate the "Gettier Problem."”

The Heather Dilemma

Hello! This article will be discussing how “Heathers; the Musical” demonstrates part of the Euthyphro Dilemma and how philosophers attempt to overcome this problem. This post is dedicated to my musical theater friend who introduced me to the musical. ~o~ A while back, one of my best friends introduced me to “Heathers; the Musical” whichContinue reading “The Heather Dilemma”