Are You Dreaming?

We are constantly perceiving things. Right now, you are receiving the sensation of specific rays of light hitting your eyes which your brain is interpreting as this article. From this sensory information, you have deduced that the electronic device you are reading this article from is within a material realm separate to yourself, occupying spaceContinue reading “Are You Dreaming?”

The Illusion Criticism for Direct Realism: Philosophy Basics 2

Hello! Welcome to this weeks Philosophy Basic, focusing on the problem that illusions present to Direct Realism. If you haven’t read my post on direct realism,  then click on the link and have a read. ~o~ The argument from illusion is as followed… 1. Direct realism claims that we perceive objects directly, with no intermediaries.  2.Continue reading “The Illusion Criticism for Direct Realism: Philosophy Basics 2”