Is Science a Dogma? A Response.

In today‚Äôs modern age, we accept scientific knowledge without question. However, this has been objected to by Rana, who argues that the fallibility of science means that we should not take it as certain, and accept that knowledge is fallible. This essay will explore this and lead to the conclusion that Rana is indeed correctContinue reading “Is Science a Dogma? A Response.”

Philosopher’s Boxing Ring: Hume vs Paley

IntroductionPaley’s design argument argues for the existence of a wondrous God from the design elements of the universe. However, many years before Paley wrote his design argument, Hume wrote a series of criticisms against it. This essay will explore the debate between Paley and Hume and demonstrate why Paley’s design argument fails.Paley’s Argument From DesignContinue reading “Philosopher’s Boxing Ring: Hume vs Paley”

Why Hume being a historian is funny.

IntroductionHistory is incredibly important in the modern day world in order to understand the behaviour of the human race and to predict from current factors what may occur in the future. One of the contributors to our understanding is David Hume through his book “The History of England”. However, as a result of his definitionContinue reading “Why Hume being a historian is funny.”