The Importance of Bodily Autonomy: Nurse Gives Patients Saline Instead of Vaccine

On Thursday 12th August, BBC News reported that a nurse in Germany had been giving patients an injection of saline (a harmless mixture of water and salt) instead of the Covid vaccination. She defended herself by arguing that she only did it to six patients due to dropping a number of vials needed to giveContinue reading “The Importance of Bodily Autonomy: Nurse Gives Patients Saline Instead of Vaccine”

The Ethics of Mental Health on Youtube

Clickbait on the YouTube platform has been heavily contested within the community. However, for some, this has reached the realm of unacceptability as it has been applied to content discussing mental health. This sentiment was recently raised in a JackMaate video, Laurence McKenna on the Problem of Mental Health. Within the video, there are falseContinue reading “The Ethics of Mental Health on Youtube”

Stop using maturity as praise. Here’s why.

IntroductionOne of the things which has interested me most growing up is the power balance between adults and children. Most importantly, how it can result in the abuse of children, who are incredibly vulnerable. Part of this is the idea of maturity, which is used as praise to shape behaviour. This article will define whatContinue reading “Stop using maturity as praise. Here’s why.”

Love Island; Is Watching It Ethically Wrong?

Is Watching Love Island Ethically Wrong? DISCLAIMER: THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS TRIGGERING CONTENT SURROUNDING MENTAL HEALTH AND DOMESTIC ABUSE. IF YOU HAVE BEEN AFFECTED BY ANY OF THESE ISSUES, PLEASE STAY STRONG AND RECEIVE HELP FROM THE FOLLOWING HELP LINES Domestic Abuse0808 2000 247- Refuge Suicide116 123 – Samaritans Rape and Sexual Assault0808 802 9999– RapeContinue reading “Love Island; Is Watching It Ethically Wrong?”

The Limits of Diplomacy; A Response.

This article is an examination into The School of Life’s How to Be Diplomatic. IntroductionOne of my favourite YouTube channels is The School of Life due to its look at human virtue in practical situations. Aristotelian virtue ethics is one of my favourite areas in philosophy and the channel and website embraces this ideology. However, thisContinue reading “The Limits of Diplomacy; A Response.”