Dr John Frame: The Parable of the Invisible Gardener Part 3

Things to know: – Falsification (in Flew’s case) is the idea that a proposition or statement is meaningful only if there is a method that could falsify the statement. The statement doesn’t need to be false, but there must be a hypothetical situation in which the statement could be proved false. For instance, ‘the catContinue reading “Dr John Frame: The Parable of the Invisible Gardener Part 3”

Do Mental Health Conditions Exist? A Response

This post responds to a literature which contains content that breaks the blog’s ethics. Because of this, there are no links or any advertisements¬†for the book. While the post engages with the literature, it should be noted that the blog does not support, encourage or condone the opinions that are set out in the book.¬†Continue reading “Do Mental Health Conditions Exist? A Response”