The Limits of Diplomacy; A Response.

This article is an examination into The School of Life’s How to Be Diplomatic.¬†IntroductionOne of my favourite YouTube channels is The School of Life due to its look at human virtue in practical situations. Aristotelian virtue ethics is one of my favourite areas in philosophy and the channel and website embraces this ideology. However, thisContinue reading “The Limits of Diplomacy; A Response.”

4 ways the Sims challenges our idea of God.

How does sims challenge our idea of God. The Sims seems to be in fashion at this moment in time among university students. It gives them the chance to feel empowered. However, it does seem to create an interesting metaphor to our own God. This essay will be exploring the issues raised by such aContinue reading “4 ways the Sims challenges our idea of God.”