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Philosophy academia is dying.

Philosophy is deeply undervalued by society. Consequently, there is a shocking lack of PhD funding and students are expected to pay thousands of pounds for their living expenses and tuitions fees. There are almost no jobs to go into once a PhD is completed. Those who do make it end up experiencing significant burnout from excessive work hours, job insecurity and the endless pressure to be beating fellow competition. This is not to mention the poor pay and bad treatment of minority philosophers.

What is needed is something new, and the blog aims to offer that. The blog offers a space for its owner to return to enjoying the wonders of sharing knowledge and collaborating with others instead of tearing them down. They can work reasonable hours that suit them and be paid for what they contribute to the site. Further, they can have a philosophical space that is not dependent on whether others approve of their identity as a minority philosopher.

However, they cannot do this without those who support the blog.

By deciding to support the blog, you help a philosophy student fund their studies and achieve their lifelong ambition of gaining a PhD. With this expertise, they can continue to educate the world for free on the importance of critical thinking and philosophy. In the future, they hope it opens pathways where the blog could offer more philosophers an alternative than to enter a dying institution.

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