René Descartes

René Descartes (1596-1650) was a famous French philosopher and mathematician who is considered the founding person of rationalism. His famous philosophies include his method from doubt, arguments for substance dualism and God as well as the Cogito – I think. Therefore, I am.

Did Descartes Sleep in an Oven? The Evidence for Descartes’s Visions

There is a legend that, in 1619, Descartes received a series of visions while sleeping in an oven that inspired his later philosophies. However, what is the evidence that Descartes actually had these dreams?

Descartes was Murdered… Or Was He? The Death of René Descartes

Initially, Descartes death was attributed to pneumonia. However, in a series of letters written by Johann Van Wullen, a theory developed that Descartes was poisoned. But what is the likely truth?

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