The Invisible Gardener: Part 1 Wisdom (Famous Philosophical Thought Experiments 1)

The Parable of the Invisible Gardener is a philosophical thought experiment originated by John Wisdom. It’s main application is to religious language and how people lead to different conclusions about the existence of God from the same evidence. However, it demonstrates a wider issue within science. It attempts to demonstrate that our conclusions from scientificContinue reading “The Invisible Gardener: Part 1 Wisdom (Famous Philosophical Thought Experiments 1)”

Are You Dreaming?

We are constantly perceiving things. Right now, you are receiving the sensation of specific rays of light hitting your eyes which your brain is interpreting as this article. From this sensory information, you have deduced that the electronic device you are reading this article from is within a material realm separate to yourself, occupying spaceContinue reading “Are You Dreaming?”

Does Santa Exist? The Problem of Existence

DISCLAIMER: IF YOU BELIEVE IN SANTA’S EXISTENCE, DON’T READ THIS. This piece was influenced by Dr Christopher Janaway during an Ancient Greek Philosophy Lecture We make the distinction of existence daily but its relevancy increases at Christmas. This is because of Santa. As a society, we teach children that there is a being who deliversContinue reading “Does Santa Exist? The Problem of Existence”

Do Mental Health Conditions Exist? A Response

This post responds to a literature which contains content that breaks the blog’s ethics. Because of this, there are no links or any advertisements¬†for the book. While the post engages with the literature, it should be noted that the blog does not support, encourage or condone the opinions that are set out in the book.¬†Continue reading “Do Mental Health Conditions Exist? A Response”