Etiquette at the Theater According to Utilitarianism

So my sister and I (Hello if you are reading. Are you proud you are mentioned in a blog post?) went down to the Edinburgh Fringe for a weekend and while we were down there we went to go and see “La Boheme”. It was absolutely beautiful and we were sat next to a lovelyContinue reading “Etiquette at the Theater According to Utilitarianism”

Reductio Ad A Tape Measure

Can the humble tape measure be used to understand the reductio ad absurdum involved in the cosmological argument.  So, a couple of weeks ago, my dad was playing with a tape measure by seeing how far the metal tape ruler could reach without breaking. As I watched the multiple failed attempts, I couldn’t help butContinue reading “Reductio Ad A Tape Measure”

Harry Potter and Perception

Many of us grew up avidly reading and watching the Harry Potter series, and attempting to (in vain)  use it in real life. Though we may live in a muggle society, it is an interesting question to consider whether magic could be possible with our philosophical ideas of perception. Direct realism is the idea thatContinue reading “Harry Potter and Perception”