The Illusion Criticism for Direct Realism: Philosophy Basics 2

Hello! Welcome to this weeks Philosophy Basic, focusing on the problem that illusions present to Direct Realism. If you haven’t read my post on direct realism,  then click on the link and have a read. ~o~ The argument from illusion is as followed… 1. Direct realism claims that we perceive objects directly, with no intermediaries.  2.Continue reading “The Illusion Criticism for Direct Realism: Philosophy Basics 2”

Saudi Arabia’s Ethics and Robots

Hello! The following article will be on the differentiation between humans and artificial intelligence. I would like to dedicate this article to my dad, who loves Star Trek and Sci-fi, and my philosophy teachers for introducing me to Candle Conferences. Enjoy! Saudi Arabia has recently been trying to increase the popularity of its artificial intelligenceContinue reading “Saudi Arabia’s Ethics and Robots”

Direct Realism: Philosophy Basics

Hello and welcome to Philosopher Ad Absurdum. This is a series which will run alongside my usual posts and that looks at the basics of philosophy through the perspective of A level philosophy. This can be used as a revision tool or as a starting point for learning philosophy. This part of the series isContinue reading “Direct Realism: Philosophy Basics”

Kant and Catalonia

At the moment, Catalonia (a province in Spain) is currently fighting for independence from Spain. Spain has rejected this stance, along with the the majority of the international community. To try and control Catalonia, Spain has used violence against innocent civilians of the province. This raises quite clearly an issue in Kantian ethics and Kant’sContinue reading “Kant and Catalonia”

Arrest me; I’m a murderer… in my dreams

So recently, one of my friends has been really stressed and vividly dreaming. Slowly, they have gotten more and more disturbing to the point where she is killing people in her dreams. She would never dream of harming anyone in real life (I don’t think) but it does pose an interesting question; do we needContinue reading “Arrest me; I’m a murderer… in my dreams”