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Hello guys, I hope we are all doing well. This is a message from the editor. It has been a while so I apologise; I am currently switching up how I do my blogs and it is taking longer than expected. I will have some blog posts coming out shortly. However, they will be based on a book that expresses offence to some minority groups. Because of this, I have felt it necessary to write a code of ethics. Please feel free to read over them. If you have anything that you would like me to add then please message me. I want people to feel this blog is supportive. 

1. This page values equality for all. We believe that this blog is a space that should be accessible to everyone, no matter what background a specific individual is from. Everyone has a right to feel safe on this blog. Therefore, as long as it causes no harm, this blog supports freedom of sexual expression, religious expression and the right of individuals to follow their own ends.

2. This page supports and validates everyone’s struggle, including those of minorities. This can include (but is not confined to) women, members of the LGBT+ community, religious minorities and those suffering from chronic physical and mental health conditions.

3. This blog believes that the best method of challenging ignorance is by engaging with the literature and demonstrating why they are offensive or wrong. However, it will not actively promote literature which contain hate sentiment, including sentiment that is aimed against minorities. It will also be noted within the blog article that the literature does contain hate sentiment and make it clear that this is unacceptable.

4. However, criticisms may still be expressed on this blog. For instance, an exploration of God’s existence which concludes he does not exist may be posted on a blog post. However, this does not undermine the blog’s overall support for people practising the faith of their choosing.What this blog will not stand for is negative stereotypes, hate speech and discrimination which are promoted directly or indirectly. For example, the promotion of the idea that all Muslims are terrorists.

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